Flexa Ambassador Program

Brave offers an Ambassador program and i’ll be listing some of their incentives here.

This program would be volunteer based and offer AMP based reward compensation and other forms of recognition (NFT’s, free-AMP/AMP-merchandise, special discounts inside a Flexa enabled app, and a special Flair on the AMP subreddit).

We have an extremely strong community and a lot of us have been here for awhile. It would be great to organize the most vocal supporters by region to deliver Flexa/AMP related announcements and milestones to a broader audience.

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That would be amazing I would get out my way to speak with my connections to integrate @flexahq

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I think this is a wonderful idea. I would vote on it yes! I have been reading and delving into zcash group as well an they offer this type of program to bring awareness to the world. Would love to boot strap this!